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lucioWIPgold by KrazyD lucioWIPgold :iconkrazyd:KrazyD 27 0 Beauty in all the ladies by KrazyD Beauty in all the ladies :iconkrazyd:KrazyD 11 1 Americaaa by KrazyD Americaaa :iconkrazyd:KrazyD 7 0 Rival schools- Gedo high by KrazyD Rival schools- Gedo high :iconkrazyd:KrazyD 3 1 Ana Process by KrazyD Ana Process :iconkrazyd:KrazyD 11 0 Glam, Wham, thank you ma'am by KrazyD Glam, Wham, thank you ma'am :iconkrazyd:KrazyD 13 1 Noodles n' Pain by KrazyD Noodles n' Pain :iconkrazyd:KrazyD 14 3 There are 7 by KrazyD There are 7 :iconkrazyd:KrazyD 29 1 Road to Riches and Friendship by KrazyD Road to Riches and Friendship :iconkrazyd:KrazyD 33 3 Gold foil prints for Conventions! by KrazyD Gold foil prints for Conventions! :iconkrazyd:KrazyD 14 3 your supply is low and you have worlds to conquer by KrazyD your supply is low and you have worlds to conquer :iconkrazyd:KrazyD 21 2 Nap Time, kids. by KrazyD Nap Time, kids. :iconkrazyd:KrazyD 23 0 Kubo... we're family kubo. by KrazyD Kubo... we're family kubo. :iconkrazyd:KrazyD 18 1 Kubo by KrazyD Kubo :iconkrazyd:KrazyD 31 1 Experience  tranquility by KrazyD Experience tranquility :iconkrazyd:KrazyD 21 3 lookit this team, we're gonna do great! by KrazyD lookit this team, we're gonna do great! :iconkrazyd:KrazyD 23 0


My lucio gold foil final image! i'm very pleased how this came out! it was much more experimental and daring and i think i pulled this off much better than i hoped. the detailing in gold is hard to spot unless you stare at the print long enough hahaa.... he's still my favorite and most played character in Overwatch, i think i still have like 90 hours on him?
Beauty in all the ladies
Vega was my favorite street fighter character for a long time second to Guile! i too love all the beautiful ladies. this image was a big challenge for me since i really had to flex design skills and not just character art. i was never very good at art nouveau, so it took me a while to grasp this. coloring it was also a big challenge as well. i think i did a good job in adding details but next time i may draw a more easier to read iconic Vega. 
Evo special, i hope you all love guile and america and guile's theme song! i love guile and his ridiculous haircut and everything about him. be the person Guile believes you to be!! 
Rival schools- Gedo high
i love this game so much and i wish capcom would expand upon these characters more. Daigo and Akira's story arc was my favorite and really shaped my character preferences when i was a child. If anyone's a fan of fighting games and highschool action anime, they would love this game, it's so good.Project justice even moreso! i'll probably do an image of Gorin Highschool next because i loved the sports crew too. Story??? in a fighting game??? Count me in!
Ana Process
i really loved the lineart for this one and worked on a lot of experimenting. it took a while for me to like the colors but i learned alot and was pleased with the final result overall. it's one of those instances where i felt i really pushed myself.
Aghh, I thought doing 2 conventions in a row would be no problem, boy was I wrong. For those who visited me at AnimeCentral, Omg thank you so much. You guys were so sweet and I never felt so optimistic in my life...! I really hope I don't intimidate you guys...

I'll be at AnimeBoston and Anext soon! So I hope to see you then!

As you guys probably know, you can expect more art from me June-July. I've been getting into bold graphics and Shirt designs and will be working on comics/illustrations again!

Here's a question for you all.
If you have a broad range of artistic interests/skills, do you guys ever find it hard to sorta schedule it out?
I feel like a clusterf*** when it comes to juggling convention work and Comics as well as managing merchandising and could use some pointers.



Katsucon- DONE
Springfest- DONE
Zenkaikon- DONE
Tekkoshocon- DONE
Acen- (Chicago, IL) DONE
AnimeBoston (Boston, MA) May 24-26th
AnimeNext (Somerset, NJ)- June 7-9th
Otakon (Baltimore MD)- August 9-11
Saikoucon (Pennsylvania)
Anime Weekend Atlanta (Atlanta, GA) - September 27-29

Not yet confirmed:

AnimeUSA (Washington DC)- September 13-15
Youmacon (Detroit, MI)- October 31-Nov 3
Magfest (national harbor, MD)- January 3-6
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Krazeh Ate your babies!
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Lazy ass unless it comes to drawing comics.


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not like i frequent this place hahahaha
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Hey there~!! It was awesome meeting you at San Japan~!!
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Hey, this may be kind of rude to ask, but do you ever plan on making those OFF shirts available again? I'd really like to own one. Thanks!
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Hey yo~ It was nice meeting you at Zenkaicon. Good luck with your art journey and have a great day ^^
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