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Most Important King of the day by KrazyD
Most Important King of the day
WIP Part of an illustration set involving food. Lots of cartoony food and their crazy Monarchs.
Hello kids, it's Party time by KrazyD
Hello kids, it's Party time
First and Original FNAF makes me happy. It was just so simple. Also Chica is my wife.
Music Makes us Human by KrazyD
Music Makes us Human
The best music is by Robots with too many feelings. My two favorite musicians.

Got alot of help on this from Jingleshinpu 
Ib: The story of 3 Roses by KrazyD
Ib: The story of 3 Roses
Yellow: The color of deception
Blue: The color of Sadness.
But what is red? Red is IB.

Favorite RPGmaker game.
Aghh, I thought doing 2 conventions in a row would be no problem, boy was I wrong. For those who visited me at AnimeCentral, Omg thank you so much. You guys were so sweet and I never felt so optimistic in my life...! I really hope I don't intimidate you guys...

I'll be at AnimeBoston and Anext soon! So I hope to see you then!

As you guys probably know, you can expect more art from me June-July. I've been getting into bold graphics and Shirt designs and will be working on comics/illustrations again!

Here's a question for you all.
If you have a broad range of artistic interests/skills, do you guys ever find it hard to sorta schedule it out?
I feel like a clusterf*** when it comes to juggling convention work and Comics as well as managing merchandising and could use some pointers.



Katsucon- DONE
Springfest- DONE
Zenkaikon- DONE
Tekkoshocon- DONE
Acen- (Chicago, IL) DONE
AnimeBoston (Boston, MA) May 24-26th
AnimeNext (Somerset, NJ)- June 7-9th
Otakon (Baltimore MD)- August 9-11
Saikoucon (Pennsylvania)
Anime Weekend Atlanta (Atlanta, GA) - September 27-29

Not yet confirmed:

AnimeUSA (Washington DC)- September 13-15
Youmacon (Detroit, MI)- October 31-Nov 3
Magfest (national harbor, MD)- January 3-6
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Krazeh Ate your babies!
Artist | Digital Art
Lazy ass unless it comes to drawing comics.

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kyonehilbert Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I just wanted to say I love how your style has developed. I bought some art from your table at a con a few years back and I looked through your gallery and I can really see how you grew as an artist. It's lovely.
KrazyD Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2015   Digital Artist
thank you so much ;w; that's so sweet to hear.
kyonehilbert Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah, haha I didn't really see until after I posted the comment that you hadn't been active in a while, but I figured it would be appreciated if you ever did see it.

The piece I bought was the one you drew of L, Matt, Mello and Near having a tea party. It's really lovely and I can still see elements of your style from that piece in your current pieces, but it's matured in a really beautiful way. 
KrazyD Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2015   Digital Artist
FFFTTFFF- That was like One of my FIRST prints, Holy cow. I'm so glad you checked up on me from so long ago, that was a different time period haha. XD One day I wonder if i should re-imagine that print into my style now and see what happens. 
*A* Experimenttt.
I still love those 3 from Deathnote too. <3 Do you attend any conventions still btw?
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wanyo Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2015   Digital Artist
I found you on the internets! :D
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